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benefits of working with a cro agency over in-house

Compared to PPC, SEO or web development practices, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a relatively new specialism. Today, more and more businesses are thinking about CRO but may prefer the idea of bringing someone on in-house employee who’s dedicated to the role and engrained within their brand. While there are upsides to having your own resource, what benefit are you missing out on by not engaging with a specialist CRO agency?

1) leverage their experience

CRO agencies work with many different clients across many different sectors giving them a breadth of experience impossible to replicate in-house. With this experience comes all the tricks of the trade - we know what works and what not to do. Starting from a more informed position, an agency is used to adapting its approach and expertise to create a CRO strategy as unique as the business it’s supporting. Getting stuck into the data to fully understand your current situation, we combine our findings with significant experience and a proven test and learn approach to get results faster.

2) proven testing processes

A test and learn attitude approach is key to CRO. After all, insights fuel the actions that keep on improving your results. And a good CRO agency will have proven testing processes in place.

We’ve honed our CRO processes into four key areas:

  • analyse: Using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research, we find out what triggers your customers to take action. Heatmaps, audits, Google Analytics, biometric testing and real-time feedback help us spot barriers to conversions. Our in-house developed Landing Page Opportunity tool identifies where CRO can help to uplift performance.

  • design: We then combine our analysis with UX best practice to create visual mock-up wireframes. Strengthening the identified weaknesses on your site, these wireframes are shared with you to show you exactly how the improvements will look.

  • develop: Designs ticked off; we then develop your landing pages. We can build tests to approved wireframes designed just for your website which means no extra cost, no backend development and a fast set-up.

  • test and learn: Using multi-variant testing, we check device compatibility, operating systems and browsers to ensure every user has a positive onsite experience. Underpinned with learnings from each test, we can continue to optimise and measure your results.

On top of this, we also invested our know-how into creating an all-in-one live dashboard which provides transparency and manages your account in one place. Providing real-time performance data, this dashboard helps us identify where to make changes and invest budget for the greatest CRO return.

But more than this, it’s important your agency can report on the commercial difference their work is making. We constantly monitor the ‘success score’ across our client base. Every single consideration such as ‘did we boost conversion rate?’, ‘did we boost revenue?’ is scored to record the impact. We can then draw upon this insight to inform strategies, make data-backed decisions and drive quicker wins for your business.

3) better use of budget

So, you’ve decided to hire someone to look after your CRO in-house. But it’s unlikely that that one person will have strengths in every single element CRO touches upon. They may be a brilliant analyst or a talented designer, but are they also equally strong when it comes to your strategy or development needs?

It’s unrealistic to expect one person to be able to cover all these skills. You’d require a bigger team with multiple members to really drive your CRO efforts which may not be feasible or within budget.

Instead, by working with an agency, you have access to a full CRO team. What you pay for one dedicated in-house person could give you the expertise of five or six individuals with a holistic skill set that will see you succeed.

4) supplier relationships

Joining forces with an agency means you’ll benefit from industry-leading tools and supplier relationships. Due to the volume of clients we have running on these platforms, it works out much more cost-effective for the agency.

This means you get the benefit of the best tools for the job as well as the agency’s direct relationship with a supplier. Having an engaged relationship with suppliers works in both our favours thanks to the insight and trends we’re kept informed about that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

On top of this, a good agency will be able to offer multiple platform choices and advise on the appropriate for your business depending on your needs. For example, two platforms we use all the time are VWO which we particular love for analysis and the insights it can provide while Simplify is our go-to for development and building those essential tests.

5) insights within the rest of the group

Unique to us, we’re part of a connected agency group with direct access to the advice and support of many other digital marketing experts within the Group.

Able to feed this into our conversations, for example, there is a clear crossover between CRO and web development and this is something our web division is on-hand to discuss, allowing us to gather further insight or work directly with the experts at Statement, NetConstruct and Pinpoint.

This synergy extends beyond web development too. Collaborating with the SEO experts at WMG and Ingenuity Digital can bring huge insight and benefit to your business. Something that could work well and be recommended by us from a user perspective but involving their expertise, we may find it’s not something that works so well for Google and could impact your online visibility. With this knowledge, we’re able to considerations wider input to develop the best solution.

get more from your paid media investment

With CRO, the aim is to get your customers to convert. Designed to remove the barriers in your customer’s online experience to get the most from your website traffic and paid media spend.

Aligned to your wider paid media strategy, our CRO services continuously optimise your site experience to increase conversions and deliver a higher return. Ultimately, CRO will help you get more from your investment and encourage those all-important conversions.

If you want to find out more about our approach to CRO and hear more about the benefits of working with a CRO agency, please get in touch.

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