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bigger and better things are coming for equation

Once upon a time, the World Wide Web was a simpler place. Some of us remember the days of dial-up, Ask Jeeves and when paid media advertising wasn’t really a thing. At least, not the way it is now. Today for brands who are looking to see measurable, fast results online, paid media needs to be an integral part of your strategy.  

As the digital landscape began to evolve and the need for a specialist approach to paid media became more apparent, idhl Group looked at how they could cement themselves as market leaders in this growing space.  

And, thus, equation was formed.  

carving the path to paid success 

In 2019, idhl Group was paving its way as one of the fastest-growing agency groups in the UK. With an already-expansive portfolio of specialist brands under its wing, idhl earned a reputation for excellence in SEO with agencies WMG and Ingenuity Digital offering industry-leading search marketing. As the demand for paid media skyrocketed, it was clear the appetite was there for a new, paid-focused agency within the group.  

Looking to harness the full spectrum of digital marketing, equation was set to expand the group’s offering, bringing a new approach to paid media. Now, alongside our other agencies' out-of-this-world SEO capabilities, we could lead the way with a broad suite of paid marketing disciplines. 

Richard Ellis, Director of Paid Media, commented at the time: “As paid media grows in complexity, clients want to work with a specialist partner experienced in maximising their paid opportunities and spend – and have access to specialists across each channel or platform. Launching equation brings laser-focus to our paid media offering as we help clients achieve their growth ambitions.” 

our journey  

It’s safe to say we’ve barely had a minute to pause since our inception. Paid media has evolved, adapted and expanded so much that the landscape looks completely different in just five years. From humble beginnings, our growth trajectory has been nothing if not extraordinary, now with a team of over 30 paid experts leading the charge.

Alongside a pretty epic team, we’ve worked tirelessly to keep up with changing demands, adding new and innovative services consistently over the years. Whether a client wants support to make their PPC stand out in a competitive sector, or they want to dip their toes into the world of programmatic – we have the know-how and the drive to help them succeed.  

we’re just getting started  

1,825 days (give or take) since our first dalliance with the world of paid media and we’re ready for a change. As the value of integrated digital marketing becomes clearer, we want to ensure we’re ahead of the curve and can provide our clients with next-level support.  

After building a legacy of brands, each with their own incredible set of experts, idhl Group is ready to redefine their approach to digital marketing. With nine brands forming the group, idhl is bringing together a team of over 400 experts under one name.  

So, with that, we bid adieu to the name equation as we walk headfirst into the next chapter. Joining Pinpoint, Ampersand, Statement, NetConstruct, Conesso, WMG, Fostr, Conesso and Ingenuity Digital, we’re embarking on our most exciting transformation yet.