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sky adsmart: the benefits of using this disruptive advertising platform

Watching TV is the nation’s #1 past time. It counts for 37% of the average person’s daily media consumption with 96% of adults watching weekly. Many businesses have considered TV advertising out of reach due to the mass appeal and associated high costs, but Sky AdSmart, a UK first, offers brands the opportunity to target specific audiences during live TV breaks.

Mass media is the norm with regular linear TV advertising, however, Sky AdSmart is capable of serving different ads to diverse, targeted Sky and Virgin Media households. This unique player in the realm of paid advertising gives brands the ability to deliver relevant messaging to the right people at the right time. Intrigued? Us too!

what is sky adsmart? 

Whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise sized business, this service opens the door for all brands to capitalise on the benefits of TV advertising at a fraction of the cost. The power of TV combined with an in-depth knowledge of Sky households, consumer insights and Sky’s targeted technology allows advertisers to appeal to a specific audience through a mass medium. Showing different ads to each home, you can advertise across a range of channels to a relevant and targeted audience.

Choosing households to target can be based on factors including age, location, lifestyle and even pet ownership! This service gives advertisers the control, selecting target markets and showcasing advertisements directly to your selected audiences in the comfort of their own home. Even better, viewers expect adverts between programmes, making it a minimally intrusive form of advertising.

why use sky adsmart?

Do you want to raise brand awareness? Maybe you simply want to expand your brand presence into video content? Sky’s revolutionary approach to TV advertising could be just what you need. TV is classed as high-quality content. Due to higher costs and visibility, TV advertising creates a level of legitimacy and trust which viewers then associate with that brand. Using Sky AdSmart, you can essentially enjoy affordable fame with the people that matter the most to your brand. Here are some of the top reasons why you should incorporate AdSmart into your paid media strategy:

  • AdSmart combines the power and impact of TV with the granular targeting and reportability of digital, meaning you can measure activity directly linked to each ad. At equation, we use a panel of 500,000 households to report total campaign viewing, providing clients with regular detailed impression reports.

  • You can use this approach to achieve affordable fame! Elevate your brand in a cost-efficient way, with Sky AdSmart, you can create your own video content, or we can create new content for you.

  • Brands can tap into the unbeatable scale of TV advertising, reaching numerous key target audiences.

  • You don’t pay for your ad being aired unless it’s been viewed full screen on a main TV set for at least 75% of its duration. Reducing the cost to your business, this is where AdSmart advertising service differs to other digital ad platforms. Ordinarily, the

    varies based on the channel and time of day, no matter how much of the advert is seen.

  • Sky has list of channels that are currently ‘AdSmartable’. Showing your ad to your chosen audience no matter the time of day or programme is an intuitive way to advertise, and one that we advise brands to explore. Not restricted by times, this service allows the right message to reach the right people at the right time.

what can sky adsmart do for your business?

Sky AdSmart can be an effective form of advertising to grow your business. Not only does it allow for impactful creativity, it can also be a more affordable method to speak directly to your relevant audience. The service allows you to restrict your advertising to a specific region, city or even postcode area. Using a focused and tailored approach means your ads are shown more often to your core audience. As we well know, standing out against the competition in the digital age is challenging, but TV advertising can help you achieve a competitive edge, placing your brand on a premium and trusted platform.

is sky adsmart right for your business?

It’s great learning about this unique advertising platform but the question we all want to know is ‘is it right for me?’ In short, if your business has a mass audience, then no, Sky AdSmart wouldn’t be right for you, linear TV advertising would be a more appropriate and cheaper option. If your business has a specific target audience and you want to avoid mass marketing, then yes, you should consider using this platform. As an effective form of advertising, AdSmart can help to grow your business through increased brand awareness in a premium environment. This platform can engage the people you are most interested in captivating while standing out against your competitors.

It’s safe to say this TV advertising method shows immense development, allowing brands to put a specific audience at the heart of their TV advertising rather than the masses. Beginning to match the efforts of social media, smart TV advertising now allows you to refine audiences and optimise brand reach. This dynamic AdSmart service is revolutionising the TV platform to keep up with the digital world, ensuring your content reaches the people that matter the most to your business. What are your thoughts on this smart TV advertising? Contact the team at equation if you would like to discuss how AdSmart could fit into your marketing strategy.