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the importance of monitoring your ad campaigns

Monitoring the performance of your ad campaigns can feel like a full-time job. Tackling numerous campaigns, different targeted keywords, various audiences, a range of products and services to promote through multiple ad types – it can be a complex undertaking and it’s easy to let things slip through the crack.  

However, as paid media grows in complexity, the risk of not monitoring your campaigns could be detrimental to your business if the tell-tale signs are missed.  

All this time spent ensuring your campaigns are running like clockwork is time stolen from thinking about the future. Where do you find the time to create new strategies? How will you identify new opportunities? How can you help your business grow? It all comes down to monitoring… 

monitoring: a time-consuming problem that agencies also face  

There are many reasons why you might choose to work with an agency. From lack of time or specialist in-house resources to benefitting from exposure to many different industries, there are plenty of ways an agency can assist you.  

But what you really need is for that agency to spend time on analysis - gleaning insight, uncovering new opportunities and devising innovative strategies to help you get a higher ROI. However, so much time can be absorbed into the day-to-day that little time can be left for quality, impactful work. 

This got us thinking - how can we truly maximise the time our clients have with our experts? 

an innovative solution 

We invest in tech. Technical by nature, we develop many tools and systems in-house to complement our experts and benefit our clients.  

To keep a watchful eye on your campaigns while empowering our team to spend more time doing what they do best, HILDA – our proprietary monitoring system – was born.  

meet hilda 

Intrinsic to our successful operations, HILDA is an honorary member of our team. She may not be the life and soul of the Christmas party or share witty jokes on the daily, but she doesn’t miss a trick.  

Her brain is ticking over 24/7 and she always keeps one eye on the inner workings of your campaigns. With her impressive experience and vast knowledge, you can rest easy knowing your ads are kept on their toes and performing to their absolute maximum.  

what does hilda bring to the team?  

Exclusive to us, HILDA covers searchdisplayvideo, discovery and more. Monitoring your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns, she tracks each and every murmur of your campaign vitals:  

  • monitor campaign performance: Between keeping tabs on your budget, where it’s best spent and staying up to the minute on conversions, it can be time-consuming to constantly manage performance. From impressions to conversions, HILDA monitors every single element of your campaign performance. Providing up to the minute insights, our experts can make tweaks to improve performance in real-time.  

  • perform budget pacing checks across all channels: Based on what has been discussed and agreed, HILDA looks at your budget weeks and even months ahead. Always one to stay ahead, she ensures your budget will last and is used in the most effective way possible across this time period. In doing so, budget pacing prevents you from running through your budget in just a few weeks and having nothing left to work with.    

  • spot and alert abnormal performance: With the support of HILDA, we can spot and act on abnormal performance, fast. HILDA is reactive by nature and dedicated to uncovering issues, allowing our experts to spend time creating performance driving strategies. 

how can hilda help you? 

Tom Walkden, Head of Biddable Media at equation, knows just how much value HILDA brings to the team:  

"Our propriety system, HILDA, provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind for technical account managers and clients alike. Built from the ground up, our technical expertise in combination with our group development capabilities has enabled us to create efficiencies within our account management processes, freeing up time to focus on our clients’ growth and performance."  

We aim to continue developing and refining simple methods that take control of your advertising so you can focus on your business, and we can focus on making an impact. Combining market-leading technology with our in-house developed systems, our experts make your campaigns perform to their maximum. If you want to find out more about our ad operations and how we work to drive your account forward, get in touch

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